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With an experience of over two decades in handling the various process applications in Dyes, Intermediates, Pigments, Pesticides, Fine Chemicals, Rubber Chemicals, Bulk Drugs, API and Nutraceuticals. We offer well-engineered and optimum agitation solutions, mixing agitators, industrial agitators, chemical agitator, industrial agitator, chemical agitators, for all your Mixing Tasks.


  • Homogenization / Blending.
  • Liquid - Liquid Mixing
  • Gas - Liquid Mixing
  • Solid - Liquid Mixing / Reaction / Suspension
  • High Viscous Mixing Applications
  • Semi Automatic (Pneumatically Operated Ball Valave) Control
  • Contact parts are SS 304 / 316 /Mild Steel/ Rubber Lining.
  • Along with the ability for Design and Fabrication of Process Vessels, we offer complete mixing agitators, chemical agitators, mixers, blenders, reactors with shortest deliveries for trouble free lifelong operations
Manufacturer of Chemical Agitator, Mixers

Agitator / Mixer


Agitator Types

Manufacturer of Chemical Agitator, Mixers


Agitators come in many sizes and shapes. There are two types of agitators – mechanical and electronically controlled. In the first article, we will cover mechanical process agitators.

The basic types of mechanical agitators are:

Paddle Agitators

This is one of the most primary types of agitators with blades that reach up to the tank walls. Paddle agitators are used where an uniform laminar flow of liquids is desired.

Anchor Agitators

This simple agitator consists of a shaft and an anchor type propeller and can be mounted centrally or at an angle. It is mainly used in reactors.

Radial Propeller Agitators

Radial agitators consist of propellers that are similar to marine propellers. They consist of two to four blades that move in a screw like motion, propelling the material to be agitated parallel to the shaft.

Propeller Agitators

A propeller agitator is shaped with blades tapering towards the shaft to minimize centrifugal force and produce maximum axial flow. Propeller agitators are popular for simple mixing jobs.

Turbine Agitators

Yet another type of process agitator is the turbine agitator. Turbine agitators can create a turbulent movement of the fluids due to the combination of centrifugal and rotational motion.

Helical Agitators

These agitators have blades with a twisted mechanism, just like the threads of a screw. The curves result in a vigorous motion of the fluids to be agitated. Helical agitators are most useful for mixing viscous liquids.

Choosing an agitator depends upon the specific gravity and viscosity of the products to be mixed. Agitators need to be designed, engineered and manufactured to suit individual applications. Core knowledge of fluid mechanics is essential for choosing the right type of agitators.

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